My Top Youtube Channels for Mental Clarity and Awareness

By Thach Tran on Pexels

The School of Life

Problematic about relationships? Anxious? Lonely? Or just curious about George Orwell? Maybe Kafka?

“The slowest among us can, in a few hours, pick up ideas that it took a few rare geniuses a lifetime to acquire.” — The School of Life

Their Youtube channel has become a safe space and a haven of emotional education online. And I’m one of the many people continuing to learn from it.


Loner. In case you are wondering. It translates to loner. Just like I am. And probably you are too if you’re actually reading this.

Pursuit of Wonder

Existential dread starts at 2 A.M. when you press that play button and a man with a melancholic voice starts narrating about a random man walking his dog, Nova and a guy named Carl, meets an old man in a park who later dictated the course of his life. Pursuit of Wonder is one of the most creative channels providing philosophical insights through fictional stories written in a simple, universal language.

Academy of Ideas

If books aren’t really your thing but you are a sucker for learning philosophy and psychology, then this is the perfect channel for supplying your daily philosophical and psychological migraine.

Casually Explained

Now we move to a lighter, more comical content using meme-worthy stick figures which are most likely drawn using Paint. Casually Explained casually explains topics like wealth, red flags, college, calculus, evolution, the solar system, REDDIT, everything essential, basically.


The wisest turtle who ever lived.

Daydreamer with creative pursuits. Sharing insights on psychology, philosophy, music, art and life.

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